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Dreamshine is an innovative year round Adult Day Support, including job and community engagement, and transportation. Our campus is located on a lush 2.5 acres with 3 beautiful buildings: Our Log Cabin, Waterfront Lodge and Pirate Ship building. We feature a stocked pond for fishing, a fruit tree orchard, vegetable and herb garden, hot tub, woods, koi pond, and so much more!


Dreamshine was Founded in 2007 by Amy and Mark Minard, a brother and sister team. The vision was born out of a passion for creating and maintaining an amazing program and beautiful environment based upon creating incredible options for each individual with developmental disabilities, focusing on incredible options tailored to the person first/centered, for each individual Dreamshine is honored to serve, & most have fun!!!!


In September 2014, Amy relocated to Ethiopia to share the Dreamshine vision to impoverished villages. Mark continues on as President and CEO of Dreamshine. 


We continue to seek ways to improve our facility, our training and our activities to make Dreamshine a unique day and work program, embracing the community, always innovating and elevating, in a beautiful, resort-like setting.

Mark Minark CEO of Dremshine

In all our compliance reviews (2008, 2011, 2014, & 2017) the ohio department of ododd declared Dreamshine as being in 100% compliance under chapter 5123 of the ohio revised code.

All Dreamshine staff are required to have First Aid and CPR Certification. Dreamshine staff must also pass a background check as well as the abuser and Nurse Aid Registry check prior to starting work at Dreamshine. Drivers must also pass a BMV driving record check as well as submit a UA. Dreamshine training and development is also ongoing.

Mark Minard is the CEO/Owner/Founder of Dreamshine and has a BS in Psychology with 16+ years experience in the field, including special education and residential. He oversees direction and leadership, innovation, and elevation at Dreamshine.

Mark is #1 best selling author of The Story of You, Leadership & Success Truth Bomb Series, Keynote Speaker, & Host of Elevating Beyond Podcast, and applies his 2 word mission statement to all things: Change Lives!

Mark is also proud to be a husband and father of 5.



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