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"My son loves loves, coming to Dreamshine and spending time with friends!! The Dreamshine Crew have been AWESOME during this time of unpredictability...but they were AWESOME before the pandemic! Words will never do justice for my gratitude and peace of mind, that my son gets to spend quality time with such a wonderful group of people!"

                                                           - Evette, Mother


—  Name, Title

Doreen, mother

Thank you for everything, it is so amazing to know that A has a place to be that she loves and is so well taken care of. I used to worry so much about her adult year and this is amazing that I can go to work and know that she is happy and having a wonderful day at Dreamshine. Thank you

Nancy (mother who went on outing)

I just wanted to tell you that I was so impressed with what I saw on the trip (to the clippers game) today. There wasn't a single time that the staff weren't aware of where every participant was and able to anticipate their needs. The participants were always talked to with patience and respect. No wonder my daughter and all the participants are so happy to go to Dreamshine. Thank you so much for what you are doing each day! We can't thank all of you enough for making each day a happy one for our daughter!

Carol Woodruff, ODODD Office of Provider Standards and Review

What a pleasant visit with "Z"! He appeared quite comfortable at the cabin with all your employees (who were hospitable and knowledgeable about "Z's" needs and desires). It is obvious that both you (Amy) and Mark are committed to quality of services and improving quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. It was a complete privilege to meet "Z" and to see how your agency has evolved and grown over the years!

Marissa (Mother who spent a day with her son at Dreamshine)

I observed staff to be consistent, calm and to have a pleasant demeanor. Other qualities of Dreamshine I observed were: collaborative teamwork, positive attitudes, innovative, flexibility in thinking, not resistant to change, ability-focused, priority in quality care, responsive and transparent, therapeutic communication, clean home-like environment, structured activities with am emphasis on clients increased independence and tapping into client relative strengths and gifts.

Tina and Bill, Parents

I sure don't know what we would do without you all. Knowing how happy and safe our daughter is with you everyday is worth more than words can ever express! We thank you and thank God for you!

Laura and Lloyd, Parents

Thank you for all of your hard work, patience and enthusiasm. It means a lot to us having our daughter in a program where she can continue to learn and grow and also have fun! Thank You!

Rebecca, Mother

We are so grateful for the quality programming and the caring all of you show on a daily basis to our daughter. She is very happy at Dreamshine and she has grown as a result of being in your program. Thank you again for all you and your staff do.

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