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In this hopeful book, Mark shares his journey of early heartache, tragedy, and bad decisions―and his continued search for answers. While those experiences could have left him trapped in anger, fear, and mediocrity, he discovered that he was not trapped (or a victim)―he had a choice! He could move beyond the fear and negative emotions to live a life of adventure with a big WHY. The Story of You will take you along the journey of Mark’s mindset as you discover how he began filling his mind with faith-building thoughts. The Story of You will challenge you to open up your heart and discover how the unexplained and often unwelcome events in your lives can move you towards the greatness intended for each of us, because impossible is where every great adventure begins

The Story of YOU: by Mark Minard

  • The Story of YOU: by Mark Minard


    Paperback ​​$16.95

    Hardcover ​​$30.95

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